Wednesday, September 17, 2008

why do jews dance polka?

I know this is absolutely haram, but I just finished grading my students' quizzes on Judaism and can't resist spreading the joy. Priceless!

Rabi Akiva was the man revealed to Moses by God who sat in the 7th row of the Academy. He was later seen as meat being weighed at a butcher shop and when Moses questioned God, God said something along the lines of "I saw it in my mind and it was so." (this is actually quite an accurate account, but hilarious as a definition of R. Akiva)

Moses Maimonides--philosopher, German, taught Yom Kippur traditions.
--man who led them out of Egypt and receive the ten commandments
--was given the ten commandments. He is well respected in the Jewish cultural and believed to have contact with God himself. (Oh well, from Moses to Moses...)

Bat Mitzvah--coming of age at 13 yrs old, first haircut, reading of "Torah" (some students include: Oral Torah). Huge celebration, get together and have a great time with tradition.

Yom Kippur - drink and get get together for a nice dinner.

Oral Torah - tongues (as a friend noted: there's a dirty joke in there somewhere)

Siddur - a robe of sort that a man wears at his wedding and his funeral. It is usually a wedding present from his wife. (The same student continues:) Kashrut - or maybe this one is a robe worn at the wedding and funeral? I think it's either this one or the "Sidder".

The covenant is a Jewish holiday.

And the polka question? I have no idea but it came right after "Are Jews for Jesus Jewish?" (good question!)


Fisher Cats said...

"He was later seen as meat being weighed at a butcher shop?"

hominy said...

that's actually an accurate account of a story we read in class (on the crowns of Rabbi Akiva) but just completely unconnected to the question.