Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A cease fire!

Just a few words as I am waiting to hear more... 

After fifty days of war, and after another angry wave of bombings from Gaza (and no doubt return bombing), a cease fire seems to have been agreed upon. Maybe this time, it's for real. So what did we get? 

2,000 war dead
A destroyed infrastructure in Gaza.
Traumatized border communities in Israel. 
Probably plenty of tunnels that we can now imagine in much greater detail. 

And maybe a new front in the north, who knows?

Gaza is celebrating, the media say. I can't say the same for Jerusalem. People remarked on the massive bombings earlier in the day when I was shopping, that's about it. 

And why should there be celebrations? As far as I can see, Hamas has won this war hands down. This might sound cynical since, after all, many people died, many more were injured and traumatized but Hamas received recognition, the crossings have been re-opened, sea rights have been extended, and no doubt more will follow. Bibi could have given this to President Abbas, and perhaps strengthened a more moderate faction. Instead, he seems to want to get Israelis used to constant (relative) war fare. 

So now there'll be sheket, quiet on the western front. Till the next war at least. 

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